What is Sounds-Write?

For the last twenty years, we’ve been delivering our high-quality training programme to thousands of education professionals to prepare them to teach all children to read and write in the most efficient and effective way. Sounds-Write draws on well-established theories of learning and teaching, and focuses first and foremost on developing teacher knowledge, as this is the single greatest factor in improving student outcomes.

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Want to discover more about Sounds-Write? If so, get comfortable and sit down with Naomi, Head of Training, while she explains everything you need to know about Sounds-Write.


    Our mission

    Our mission is to improve the life chances of children by ensuring that they become proficient readers and writers. We believe that teachers’ knowledge is key to achieving our mission, so we provide top quality, evidence-informed training for educators to teach reading and spelling effectively.


    Our values

    Our core values are simple. Integrity, inclusivity, social responsibility, commitment to excellence, evidence-informed practice and kindness make us who we are.

    When I teach Sounds-Write lessons I am confident all our students will learn to decode – I never felt this way with any other phonics approach. There is a simplicity and directness, engagement, and joyfulness to the lessons. Students are eager to participate and “get it.” It is a real pleasure to teach daily Sounds-Write lessons and see student improvement in reading, spelling, and writing! Young non-blenders become confident blenders in a short amount of time. Sounds-Write in the upper grades focuses on vocabulary, morphology, and etymology in a logical way which sparks student interest and builds student confidence.

    Kathy Gilbert, Johnson STEAM Academy Magnet School, Iowa, USA

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