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An expertly structured synthetic phonics programme based on the science of reading. This multisensory, code-oriented, comprehensive approach to literacy has been designed by teachers—for teachers.

Validated by DfE in England

Sounds-Write is validated by the Department for Education (DfE) in England as an effective systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP).

Results that matter

Sounds-Write is the best literacy programme a school can choose. But you don’t need to take our word for just how good it is…

Endorsed by DoE in Western Australia

Sounds-Write is one of the high-quality phonics programmes endorsed by the Department of Education (DoE) in Western Australia.

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Empowering educational professionals to do one of the most important jobs;
teach children to read and write.

What makes Sounds-Write different?

There are many phonics schemes and resources out there, but Sounds-Write focuses first and foremost on developing teacher knowledge. Drawing on well-established theories of learning and teaching, Sounds-Write empowers educators with the knowledge and confidence to forge a brighter future for their students.

By equipping education professionals with superior literacy teaching capabilities, they have it in their hands to shape a generation of children’s futures according to the latest innovations in teaching and child development.

Teacher and Children

Our events and webinars

Do you want to know more about why Sounds-Write is such a successful approach to phonics?

Our webinars cover:  

  • An introduction to our Flagship Practitioner course and what’s involved
  • How Sounds-Write will support you through your training and beyond
  • The fundamentals of using decodable books with your students
  • What is the Science of Reading and its relevance to the Sounds-Write approach

Attend a taster day at one of our training schools to see Sounds-Write live in the classroom. Meet with our trained practitioners to learn how they’ve implemented Sounds-Write at their schools.

What is our mission at Sounds-Write?

Our mission is to improve the life chances of children by ensuring that they become proficient readers and writers. We believe that teachers’ knowledge is key to achieving our mission, so we provide top quality, evidence-informed training for educators to teach reading and spelling effectively.

Our core values are simple. Integrity, inclusivity, social responsibility, commitment to excellence, evidence-informed practice and kindness make us who we are.

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What makes Sounds-Write so effective?

From the first year of school to Year 6, students learn the concepts necessary for proficient reading and writing. They are introduced to the 175 most common spellings of the 44 sounds in English through a carefully crafted sequence that goes from simple to more complex. They learn and practise the Initial Code to mastery before starting on the Extended Code, and, soon after, the reading and writing of polysyllabic words.

Sounds-Write requires minimum planning, preparation, and expense to implement. Based on the latest research into cognitive load theory and the principles of direct instruction, the programme has been specially designed to accelerate learning—no matter the student’s level.

Above all, Sounds-Write enhances teachers’ knowledge of phonics, giving them the guidance, knowledge, and resources to teach children how to read and spell to the best of their abilities. England’s Department for Education has acknowledged the programme as having met all the criteria for exceptional phonics teaching, and it has been endorsed by the Department of Education in Western Australia as a high-quality phonics programme.

At St George’s we use Sounds-Write and I cannot recommend it highly enough. We are a National Support School and have visitors from all over the UK and abroad visit the school each year. In a school with high mobility, high deprivation and high EAL we can attest to the fact that Sounds-Write works for all children. It can be used for groups, whole class, 1:1, new arrivals to English and SEND pupils with ease and is a sure way to narrow the gaps for pupils.

Sarah Collymore, Headteacher, St. George’s CE Primary School, London

Getting Started with Sounds-Write

There are many ways to get started. Perhaps you’d like to visit a training school to see Sounds-Write in action, browse the upcoming flagship course dates or chat with a member of our friendly team!

Training Schools

Sounds-Write Training Schools offer taster days for those wanting to see the Sounds-Write approach in action in the classroom.

Practitioner Training

Our flagship course is the Sounds-Write Practitioner Training. We offer it online and, in UK and Australia, we also run it face-to-face.

Child Reading

Parents & Carers

Advice on supporting your child at home, free resources and our course for parents and carers, ‘Help your child to read and write’.

Child Reading

Support from our team

We have a team of friendly Sounds-Write experts who can support you in getting started with your Sounds-Write journey.

Decodable Readers

Browse our books & resources

We have Sounds-Write workbooks, storybooks, classroom resources, and an iOS app.

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