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Join our flagship courses to gain a comprehensive theoretical understanding and the hands-on experience to put the Sounds-Write approach to literacy into practice from day one. Primarily, we offer the course online in the USA and Canada; on occasion there may be a face-to-face course available. Please check this page for all of our available courses.

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Online courses

Face-to-face Courses

A training-based programme

At Sounds-Write we believe teacher knowledge is crucial to ensure success. After all, the single greatest factor in improving student outcomes is strong teacher knowledge.

There are many phonics schemes and resources out there, but Sounds-Write focuses first and foremost on developing teacher knowledge, empowering educators to forge a brighter future for their students by following the latest innovations in teaching theory.

What does the course cover?

  • Learn how to teach the skills, concepts, and code knowledge students need to master in order to become competent readers, writers, and spellers.
  • Discover how to introduce them to the Initial Code in the first year of school, moving from CVC words to words with a progressively more complex structure, and then transitioning to learning the Extended Code, alongside polysyllabic words in Y1.
  • Learn how to teach all the different Sounds-Write lessons (or activity types), and have ample opportunity to practice them yourself.
  • Find out how to teach Sounds-Write to groups of different sizes, so you can work with the whole class, small intervention groups, or one-to-one.
  • Learn how to teach through errors—one of the cornerstones of the Sounds-Write approach—and how to conduct formative assessment and use differentiation as an integral part of your teaching.
  • Learn how to assess where a new student should start the programme.

More about our Practitioners’ Online Training

The Sounds-Write Practitioners’ Online Training has been designed by John Walker, the author of the Sounds-Write programme, together with experts in online learning, based on the science of reading and the science of learning. It comprises presentations, lesson demonstrations and a range of other activities and content. The course includes a robust rationale for linguistic phonics and covers the theoretical underpinnings of the programme. There are quizzes and online assignments that you must complete to gain a course certificate.

There will be a cohort of trainees doing the course with you. The course will be led by one or more Sounds-Write trainers, who will answer your questions, provide feedback on assignments and run Zoom sessions to support you during the course.

The course lasts 6 weeks.

More about our face-to-face training

The face-to-face course was written by John Walker and the Sounds-Write team, based on the science of reading and the science of learning. It has been taught for over 20 years by a team of knowledgeable and experienced trainers. The course includes a robust rationale for linguistic phonics and covers the theoretical underpinnings of the programme, as well as lesson demonstrations, practical activities and guidance for implementation in your setting.

Your face-to-face experience will be with a small cohort of trainees (up to 24) so that your trainer is able to get to know you, giving you bespoke feedback on your practice and answering your questions about your setting.

The course takes place over 4 days.