Initial Code Reading Together Collection


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The Reading Together Collection is an engaging and beautifully illustrated series of decodable readers about an alien called Sim and his adventures on Earth and his home planet. Each book contains text for an adult to read and text for a student to read, meaning that children are exposed to rich vocabulary and narrative whilst practising the skills and sounds taught in the Initial Code. The books contain 16 pages of illustrations and text and two pages of games and activities that will promote students’ oral language development and reading fluency.

Units covered: Initial Code Units 1-7

Number of books: 7

Number of pages per book: 20

Difficulty: 🌶️


Titles in this series:

Sim, sit! – Initial Code Unit 1

Sim’s map – Initial Code Unit 2

Is it a cat? – Initial Code Unit 3

Sim’s pals – Initial Code Unit 4

Sim and Kal – Initial Code Unit 5

Ted! – Initial Code Unit 6

Sim, Zag and Bip – Initial Code Unit 7

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