Extended Code Fact File: Animals

Fact File: Animals Series


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The Fact File: Animals Series is a great opportunity for confident readers to practice their skills and code knowledge whilst learning about the animal world. Each book focuses on a different animal and sound of the Extended Code. This series is aimed at older readers covering the end of the Extended Code (Unit 27 onwards).

Units covered: More spellings of the Extended Code

Number of books: 10

Number of pages per book: 8

Difficulty: ūüĆ∂ÔłŹūüĆ∂ÔłŹ

Titles in this series:

Ants ‚Äď Initial Code Unit 11
Slugs and Snails ‚Äď Extended Code Unit 1 ‘first spellings’ of /ae/
Seals ‚ÄstExtended Code¬†Unit 2 ‘first spellings’ of /ee/
Crows ‚ÄstExtended Code¬†Unit 4 ‘first spellings’ of /oe/
Earthworms ‚ÄstExtended Code¬†Unit 6 ‘first spellings’ of /er/
Jellyfish ‚ÄstExtended Code¬†Unit 7 /e/
Owls ‚ÄstExtended Code¬†Unit 8 /ow/
Kangaroos ‚ÄstExtended Code¬†Unit 10 /oo/ as in m/oo/n
Mice ‚ÄstExtended Code¬†Unit 11 /ie/
Wolves ‚ÄstExtended Code¬†Unit 12 /oo/ as in b/oo/k

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